Our Approach


 Azure Embark develops services and products at a high innovative and technological content, which direct us toward the protection of the sea and its ecosystem, always by following the route that lead us toward the processing of an idea into an end product and professional result. We collaborate with industrial and qualificate partners, with whom we create productive and commercial synergies on an international level. Azure Embark is a prototyping and engineering company that develops highly innovative projects, with a focus on eco- sustainability and that deals with worldwide yacht charter.

We focus our commitment and our activity on the Water, primary element of the  Earth. 

The Values

Our projects are suggested by the technological innovation, applied to the safeguard of the sea ecosystem, by considering the sea in its entirely, to maintain and strengthen the enamel of blue. By the use of new technologies “We do our best for a more sustainable future“.

Thinking Incubator


Azure Embark is an incubator of ideas, aiming to develop important collaborations for an eco sustainable navigation.

Go Blue


We create productive, commercial and recreational synergies, respecting the sea, so that everyone can enjoy it.

Eco Sustainability


Azure Embark combines new concepts of functionality and eco design, in order to make the sea experience a new life style.

Our Story


The beginning

Yet for years we’ve dreamed of a single    where you could capture all the knowledge, all the experience, all the ambition and all the passion for the sea and its lifestyle in one extraordinary system.

Searching our style

Our dedication and our over 20 years experience have allowed us to treat every aspect of the sea life, from the production of vessels to the custom-designed luxury charter, to help you in any projects.

New Generation

Azure Embark realizes eco sustainable, hybrid and multifunctional boats, for pleasure and for commercial use and deals with worldwide charters, thanks to its own fleet based in Sicily and to its professional network, with more than 18.000 boats available for charter all around the world.

We can help you in any project